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Do you struggle to make that call?

Does the thought of cold calling make your blood run cold, even fill you with an overwhelming desire to make tea for the whole office, re-organise the stationery cupboard and fill in your tax return?! Anything really... except pick up the phone?

Generating new business can be hard, no doubt about it. Unless you are in the lucky position of having enough work and plenty of referrals then there comes a time when you need to generate new leads and get yourself in front of potential new clients. The most simple, straightforward and cost effective method of doing this is to pick up the phone and call them. It sounds easy - but for many it can be a struggle. If so, you might need a bit of help from foreplay.

Our one day training course in telemarketing teaches you simple techniques that work.

The Benefits of Our One Day Training Course

With straightforward, practical tips, a bit of role play and a lot of real live calls you will be liberated from a fear of cold calling - whilst remaining authentic and true to yourself. The course will give you:

  • Your own personalised 'script'
  • Input and advice from a marketer with over twenty years of experience
  • Worksheets of top tips and practical advice
  • The chance to come away with live leads

Who Should Attend Our One Day Training Course?

Anyone wishing to 'get themselves going' to pick up that phone will benefit from our telemarketing training course, but it will be especially productive for:

  • Sole traders with a few hours a week to spare
  • Marketing team members wanting new business meetings
  • Marketing managers or directors wanting some extra help with tackling cold calling

▶ Next available date Tuesday 4th February 2013

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We also offer in-house training. Please contact us for details.